In Photos – Royal visit to Wester Hailes today!


Wester Hailes was looking its best today in the sunshine and WHALE Arts in particular when a royal visitor popped in for an hour or two……


The Princess Royal as President, Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conference, ¬†attended the Conference Study Tour at Herriot-Watt University, before arriving in Wester Hailes around 11 to take part in round table discussions at WHALE Arts with CSCLeaders.


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5 comments on “In Photos – Royal visit to Wester Hailes today!
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  2. Wester Hailes was looking at its best today? Do we live in different worlds? What kind of journalism is that? I walked through the Wester Hailes today, towards the Clovenstone school and community centre, so much rubbish everywhere that I wanted to close my eyes. Edinburgh Council is doing nothing to clean the area and this kind of articles do not help to change things.

    • We agree with you about the rubbish and litter. But we were in fact referring to the beautiful weather when The Princess Royal arrived. If you would like to tell us more about the rubbish problems you can see and what might be done then we would be happy to meet with you and take photos. Or you might like to help us write an article…..this is a community news website…..?

  3. This is a Brilliant peace of publicity for the area
    Despite any other issues that there might be. As former Chair Person of the Whale Arts Agency,i would like to congratulate everyone involved .
    This shows that Agencies and people in the local area can and do make a differance.
    With recognition and Members of Royalty attending and taking an interest.

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