The Commonwealth comes to Wester Hailes


On Thursday morning a group of business and government leaders and academics known as CSCLeaders, from countries around the Commonwealth gathered in Wester Hailes at WHALE Arts to discuss challenges that society businesses and governments are facing.

The emphasis was firmly on building global relationships which are needed by the leaders of tomorrow when addressing this question:-“How do you get societal – as well as economic – value out of technological innovation?”

CSCLeaders is a partnership between Common Purpose which is an international leadership development organisation and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conferences. Each year a challenge is set which addresses a common and fundamental issue faced by all countries. CSCLeaders is a global leadership programme for 120 exceptional senior leaders chosen from government, business and non-governmental organisations across the whole Commonwealth.


The Princess Royal joined in the round table discussions.

What took place in Wester Hailes today is a small section of what is known as ‘Part One’. This is being held in the UK over this week and comprises small study tours to UK cities to explore challenge and leadership practices. The group is moving on from Edinburgh today to convene with others in Oxford to share their learning from across the country from which they hope to develop and present practical proposals to respond to the challenge.



The Commonwealth spans six continents and encompasses 53 countries. This equates to a third of the world’s population, so it is easy to see why it is something that is still considered important. One reason why it is even more important is that half of the population in the Commonwealth is under 25.

This is a film prepared for CSC Leaders

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