In the good old days – Health Minister urges Wester Hailes folk to stop smoking

From The Sentinel of 1999 it appears that Health Minister Iain Gray MSP visited Wester Hailes. Were you there? Did it make you stop smoking?

A new booklet aimed at helping smokers in Wester Hailes kick the habit and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle was launched today by Scottish Executive Deputy Minister for Health and Community Care Iain Gray.

The Breathe Easy booklet, which is part of a smoking cessation programme by the Wester Hailes Partnership, aims to tackle the high levels of smoking in the area and make the community an easier place for people to give up.

Launching the leaflet at the West Edinburgh Festival of Health in Wester Hailes today Mr Gray said:

“Smoking is the single most preventable cause of ill health in Scotland. The facts speak for themselves. More than 13,000 deaths, that is one in every five deaths in Scotland, are directly attributed to smoking. More than 33,500 admissions to hospitals each year are because of smoking-related illnesses.

“Most smokers want to give up but it is not easy. Anything which offers support and encouragement to help people give up has to be welcomed. The Breathe Easy booklet will, I’m sure, be a great benefit to smokers who want to stop.

“The fact that it has been written by Irene Keltie, an ex-smoker herself, and someone who works in Wester Hailes and knows the area well means the advice is practical and sympathetic and based on an understanding of the area and its people and how hard it can be to stop smoking.”

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