Broomhouse won the People’s Millions!

food-for-all-broomhouse_1414768840The Digital Sentinel is delighted to tell you that the Broomhouse Centre’s Food for All project won funding from the STV People’s Millions earlier this week. They asked for £48,396 and they explained how they will use it:

The project will develop and deliver a training programme as well as an innovative healthy eating programme. Young people will be trained in catering at the group’s long standing Cafe Training project the project will further link the Broomhouse Centre Cafe with the Broomhouse Food Bank and implement a voucher scheme for users to access healthy meals.

We would be able to;
• Create a meal voucher scheme linked with the Broomhouse food bank
• Start a new home food delivery service for the elderly
• Further develop a youth café
• Train a number of young people furthest from the job market with cooking life skills

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