Solicitor who smuggled drugs into Saughton censored

The Solicitors Discipline Tribunal has just issued its decision to strike the name of David Blair-Wilson, a solicitor who smuggled drugs into Saughton Prison, off the Solicitors’ Roll.

Mr Blair-Wilson was jailed for four years in 2013, and since he was given a sentence of longer than 12 months, the matter was automatically referred to the tribunal for a decision. At a hearing on 29 September the solicitor was not present and was not represented.

Blair-Wilson became a solicitor in 1982, but was convicted at Edinburgh High Court in 2013 of taking mobile phones, sim cards, phone chargers and earphones into HMP Saughton for a client he was visiting. This is prohibited under the legislation relating to prisons.

The former solicitor was also convicted under the Misuse of Drugs Act of taking cannabis, Diazepam and other drugs into Saughton for a specific client.

The tribunal chairman, Malcolm McPherson, said:  “The respondent had shown no remorse or appreciation of the seriousness of these matters in the course of the proceedings before the tribunal.

“The respondent’s conduct clearly demonstrated that he is not a fit person to be a solicitor.”


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