Health Agency Christmas party

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The Health Agency are having their Christmas Party on Wednesday 17th December 1-3pm as a festive celebration for everyone who has been involved in its various projects. These include Westerhaven, Timebank, Healthy Moves and of course Edible Estates.

This is an open invitation for any of you to come along. If possible please let me know if you intend to join us so we can plan food quantities accordingly. There will be live music from Sam and Rachel (as seen before at the WHEE Hub launches!), eating, singing, and merriment.

We are planning to make a big pot of healthy soup, some salads and some seasonal ‘pesto’. Does anyone have any extra veggies/herbs/lettuces in their raised beds that could be donated to the cause?

We are planning to start cooking on Tuesday, so if we could harvest late morning on Tuesday 16th that would be fantastic.

Thanks everyone,


You can contact Soraya at The Health Agency on 0131 453 9400

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