Local Councillor taking part in Bethany Big Sleepout


Bethany Christian Trust are organising a sleep out in Edinburgh to raise money and awareness for homelessness. The event will be held on Friday 20 March 2015 at the City Chambers, with people registering at 10pm with events and hot drinks will be  provided throughout the night.

Last year there was around 70,000 people living without a permanent home. The Bethany Christian Trust help these people by addressing the problems that led to them becoming homeless and supports them so it wont happen again.

The Bethany Big Sleepout will see participants give up their bed for a night to sleep rough, the money raised will be used to help people across Scotland. Last year the event was a huge success and managed to raise over £56,000.

You can find out information about the event here.

Speaking about taking part in the event, local councillor Ricky Henderson said:

Please give generously and help me to raise vital, life-saving funds. There are currently around 38 people using our emergency winter care shelter in EDINBURGH every night. Please help me to help Bethany. Together we can transform lives and stop homelessness in Scotland! THANK YOU (You might even like to sign up to the event and give up your bed too!)

You can sponsor Ricky here.

A similar event was recently carried out by pupils at WHEC who ‘slept out’ to raise awareness about youth homelessness, they raised a fantastic £717.50 for the Rock Trust. You can read more about the WHEC event on their website.

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