New poll suggests Labour to lose Wester Hailes seat

Alistair Darling MP

A new poll by Lord Ashcroft, a Conservative peer, suggests that Labour is to lose the Wester Hailes seat, Edinburgh South West, to the Scottish National Party at the General Election.

The seat is currently held by Alistair Darling who recently announced his retirement from politics. Mr Darling  received 42.8% of the vote with 19,473 votes defeating Conservative candidate Jason Rust who received 24.3 % of the vote with 11,026 votes.

The poll which was released today, Wednesday 4 march 2015, believes that SNP candidate Joanna Cherry will receive 40% of the vote defeating local councillor and Labour candidate Ricky Henderson with 27% of the vote. The poll carried out a survey of 1000 people in the constituency.

However, it should be pointed out that this is just one poll and there is still weeks till election day on 7 May 2015 and that attitudes may change.

Speaking to The Scotsman Joanna Cherry said:

There is a long way to go between now and polling day and I am working hard to demonstrate to the people in Edinburgh South West how voting SNP in May will give the people of Scotland real power at Westminster.

Alistair Darling was at the forefront of the No campaign and for many symbolises Labour’s disastrous toxic alliance with the Tories.

Many people have told me on doorsteps that the sight of Mr Darling getting a standing ovation at the Tory conference was enough for them to say they will never vote Labour again. People see the SNP as the only party with Scotland at heart.

People want to empower Scotland, and they want to vote positively for a party 100 per cent focused on Scottish interests – and see the SNP as the only party which stands for that.

In the same article Councillor Henderson commented:

We know it’s going to be a tough fight, We’re aware the SNP is doing well in the opinion polls, but as the old cliche has it, the only important poll is on the day.

We’ve had good feedback on the doorstep. The reception is pretty positive.

It’s up to me and my team to fight for every vote and persuade people voting Labour is the best thing to do.

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