Help replace the Outdoor Learning Bus

General Election 2015 Vote Polling Place Station

Murrayburn Primary School Parent Committee would like to ask you to vote for them in the Aviva Community Fund.

Your support would hopefully allow them to raise the £5,000 they need to replace the Outdoor Learning Bus which was recently vandalised and destroyed by  fire. Anyone interested in voting must register with the website, after they will receive 10 votes which they can split amongst whatever projects they wish. You can view and vote for their project here.

murrayburn bus

Discussing the importance of the bus to the school and their hopes for replacing it the Parent Committee said:

The bus was parked in the playground and was used as an outdoor learning resource. All the children at the school used this area to learn about their natural environment, plant seeds for flowers and vegetables, and enjoy a different educational environment.

We are looking for your money to fund, in part, this vital school resource. It is the only opportunity many children in our area have to experience their natural environment, and learn about the positive outcomes nurturing our environment can have.

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