Several people arrested following housebreakings

Police Scotland have announced that they have made several arrests relating to housebreakings across the city.

These include two males arrested following housebreaking’s in the Oxgangs, Mortonhall and Newington areas. These males have been charged with a total of eight housebreaking’s.

One male arrested and charged for a housebreaking in Cleikiminfield area.

The Search & Recovery team have recovered stolen property valued at over £1000 following a housebreaking in the Shandon area. Two individuals have been traced in connection with these offences. The same team arrested and charged another male following a theft of earrings valued at £18,000.

One male arrested and charged for a total of 7 housebreaking’s and 4 vehicle thefts that occurred in the west of the city

Housebreakings has been a priority for Police Scotland with Operation RAC re-launching within Edinburgh in April this year, officers have solved a total of 200 housebreaking offences at business and residential properties across the Capital.

In addition, 80 individuals have been charged with a total of 300 break-ins and attempted break-ins, while 50 people have also been charged with motor vehicle thefts linked to housebreaking.

Following six weeks of enforcement activity, the number of recorded housebreakings has fallen from just over 70 per week, to 50 per week. The detection rate for crimes of this nature has risen to 30 per cent, having previously been at around five per cent prior to the re-launch of Operation RAC.

Superintendent Matt Richards said:

We recognise the devastating impact housebreaking has on victims and Edinburgh’s communities have continually highlighted this issue as a policing priority.

To reflect our commitment to tackling housebreaking and associated offences, we re-launched Operation RAC and over the past six weeks we have arrested several individuals for hundreds of crimes that have taken place across the Capital.

Operation RAC will continue to identify those responsible for housebreaking and acquisitive crime and in addition to proactive enforcement activity, officers regularly engage with the public to offer a range of crime prevention advice.

Anyone wishing more information on safeguarding their homes or businesses can contact 101 or visit

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