Fire service release advice for Child Safety Week


As part of Child Safety week the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service have released the following advice to help keep your family safe and prepared in case of a fire.

Fire Safety advice

Smoke alarms in bedrooms

Consider fitting additional smoke alarms in children’s bedrooms, particularly where there are additional fire risks such as computers, game consoles, televisions etc.

Smoking materials

  • Keep matches, lighters and e cigarettes out of reach of children.
  • Use a child proof cigarette lighter with safety locks, which go out when you let go of them

Fire Action Plan

Make a family fire action plan.  Think about how you would get out of the house if you were to have a fire, and practice together so you’re prepared.  Read more about Fire Safety checklists in Your Guide To Fire Safety.


Make sure your children know the consequences of deliberate firesetting.  Explain that fire is not a toy, it can hurt or even kill.  An outdoor fire can also delay crews getting to a real emergency.

Hair straighteners

  • They can get hot as your iron and can still burn 15 minutes after they are switched off.
  • Put them in a heat-proof pouch or on a high shelf to cool.

Candles, cookers and heat

  • Never leave a child alone in a room where there is a candle burning, an open fire heater or in the kitchen when the cooker is on.
  • Make sure fires and heaters have fixed guards
  • Don’t place toys near anything hot.

Child Safetey Week is a campaign run by Child Accident Prevention Trust which aims to raise awareness of the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented.

The SFRS  have further advice for parents and carers on their website.

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