Road Safety Week targets young drivers


The Chief Fire Officers Association Road Safety Week, which runs from 8 – 14 June 2015, is this year targeting young drivers to highlight the dangers of getting distracted while driving.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has released the following advice:

Driving can be dangerous – it requires our full attention at all times. Distracted drivers significantly increase their risk of causing an accident. A survey of 1,000 young people in the UK found that 62% had read a text whilst driving and 44% had sent one.

The campaign focuses on young drivers and passengers because although becoming distracted whilst driving is a significant risk for all drivers, when combined with the inexperience of a newly-qualified driver, it becomes an even more hazardous.

Chief Officer Lewis Ramsay, Director of Prevention and Protection, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said

Our crews are often called to the scene of road traffic collisions to release trapped people inside. Sadly, we far too often arrive to the scene of a tragedy.  In fact, road collisions are the biggest cause of death for young people aged between 15 and 19. This is why fire and rescue services are keen to raise awareness of the dangers to this group and help save lives.

Activities that might draw our attention away from the road may include using a mobile phone, texting, and eating. Using in-vehicle technologies (such as navigation systems) can also be a source of distraction.

The campaign will also highlight how passengers can be a source of distraction and have an important role to play in helping the driver to be able to concentrate on driving safely.

For more information on staying safe on the roads, visit the CFOA Road Safety Week website.

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