Do you have an interest in Wildlife?

Canal Swan

Do you have an interest in wildlife? Wester Hailes Wildlife are currently looking for interested people to form a constituted group to help the group grow.

Rik Morley the founder of the group stated:

I’m looking for people in Wester Hailes to form a constituted group, and make Wester Hailes Wildlife an official organisation rather than facebook blog.

It has become clear over the last year that more work needs to be done all over Wester Hailes to get a clearer picture of our local wildlife needs, this includes the purchase of moth and butterfly catching equipment, and bat detectors, plus all the id books that go with it.

If you’re interested, please contact me.

Wester Hailes Wildlife has organised a series of wildlife walks through out the year to disprove the claim that Wester Hailes is a concrete jungle. Have a look at their Facebook page for more information in you are interested in joining the group. The page also contains photos of some of the wildlife that can be found around Wester Hailes one recent highlight includes a Kingfisher!

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