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‘Burnt’ (movie) seen at the ODEON, Plaza.

I enjoyed this film – it’s not great but fairly entertaining. It’s a no-holds-barred drama about a superchef with an annoying personality – but a woman finally melts his heart and tames him. The lead is played by BRADLEY COOPER. He’s had a troubled childhood, moved rootlessly from country to country but always inspired by the art of cooking and eventually becomes a top chef in Paris. Sound familiar? In fact Gordon Ramsay co-produced ‘BURNT’. I don’t like cookery programmes generally (I am a pie and beans sort of guy) however I have seen Gordon in action.  There is the cursing – which is unnecessary, however behind the Alpha-male mask is a thoughtful person who has been through the mill himself. A few years ago he was trying to turn round a failing gastro-pub in swanky Cheshire.  It turned out that the chef had a serious alcohol problem. Instead of bawling the guy out and having him sacked Ramsay turned down the heat and supported him, arranging for help to quit alcohol. Gordon helped the chef get back on his feet, treating him with respect. He explained that the unsocial hours and the pressure of making up meals to a high standard in a very short time causes many catering workers to depend on alcohol and drugs – which is what happens to Bradley Cooper in this movie. SIENA MILLER gives a good performance as Brad’s loyal long-suffering girlfriend, pouring extra virgin olive oil on troubled waters. She even talks him into making a birthday cake for her wee lass.

Submitted by G.H./2015.

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