Kaleidoscope: Tilbury


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Luke Clay wis a gravedigger in Tilbury
who fund his clients difficult to bury
fir the cemetery grund wis hard unforgiving clay
which gave Luke a punishing day
the deeper he dug the harder the soil
verily it wis maist disagreeable toil.

At the end of his tether Luke downed tools
demanding better pay and working conditions
Mr Clay’s  Trade Union wirny fools
the Worshipful Company of Coffin-makers, Cemetery and Crematorium Employees
sent an Official Picket and a muckle brazier (fur it wis January)
to protest that Tilbury Cemetery had broken all the rules.

Arbitration took mony months
Tilbury’s deid hud tae be interred temporarily at Rochester
but noo the  Lairs are dug oot wi’ an Artic’ digger
operated by Luke Clay
who now has better conditions and rate of  pay.

GH August 2015.

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