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Wester Hailes had a regular community newspaper for many years called the Sentinel. When it finally closed its doors, it remained well remembered and was the inspiration behind the idea to set up the Digital Sentinel.

Whilst it reported on local issues and news, the Sentinel also had a range of regular columns, including one on music that featured definite views on the diverse mix of music across the years. In December 1979, they held a readers’ poll to find out Wester Hailes’ favourite groups, singers, singles etc. If you’re a certain age, you might be surprised at some of the results! If you’re not that age you may wonder who many of these people are! The Sentinel also included a regular Pop Puzzle. How good is your memory on the hits of the 70s?

You can find more about the Sentinel and music from the 1970s on the From There To Here site.

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