Help shape Clovenstone Primary’s Vision Values and Aims

Clovenstone Primary has recently spent time looking at their vision, values and aims. They are now asking members of the school community to share their views on the schools draft vision, values and aims.

The current draft was created by collating ideas gained through a whole staff development day, a series of assemblies for children, and a series of Home Learning Tasks for children and families.

The current draft vision, values and aims are:


In Clovenstone Primary School and Nursery Class, we will provide a welcoming and friendly environment, which celebrates the diversity of our community. We are a nurturing school where everyone feels safe, happy and valued and all children are supported to be and do their best. This is achieved through working together with children, their families and the community, based on a shared sense of direction.


In Clovenstone Primary and Nursery Class we will try our best to be:

  • Kind – we will provide a safe, supportive and inclusive community where everyone is valued
  • Positive – we will build on the strengths, interests and aspirations of all
  • Respectful – we will respect and look after each other and the world around us
  • Creative – we will develop a challenging, engaging and responsive environment
  • Inclusive – we will promote equal opportunities, respect diversity and value the special contribution everyone can make
  • Healthy – we will actively encourage and promote health and wellbeing


Our draft aims are to:

  • create a welcoming and happy environment where all achievement is celebrated
  • provide a variety of stimulating opportunities and experiences to help children be and do their best
  • equip children with skills for learning, life and work
  • listen to and consider all points of view
  • work in collaboratively within our school and the wider community

You can have your say and rate these draft vision, values, aims online here.

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