Prospect release Boiler replacement Update

Prospect Community Housing has released an update detailing their progress on their ongoing boiler replacements, detailing future plans and energy benefits from the change.

Over the last 6 years we’ve replaced 623 gas boilers in our tenants’ homes with more energy efficient models that are easier to use. This year we have already successfully completed the installation of 75 boilers in partnership with our contractor PH Jones. The feedback from tenants has been extremely positive, with many feeling the benefits of using less energy to heat their homes. Mr McCallum from Clovenstone said,

I’m very pleased with my new boiler. It heats up very quickly and I have been very pleased with the whole process.

We plan to complete replacement of another 98 boilers over the next two years which will mean that all boilers within our properties will have been replaced. We look to replace the boilers every 15 years and there will be more information about our next programme in Spring 2018 as part of our Planned Maintenance plans.

We have also been working to install new gas central heating systems in properties that were previously electric to make heating these homes more efficient and cheaper for tenants. We’ve completed over 50% of these now, and tenants who have had the new heating systems have been very pleased with the change to gas. If you have electric heating and would like to change to gas please contact us on 0131 458 5480.

Keeping your home warm at this time of year can be a concern if you are worried about your fuel bills. Changeworks provide independent energy advice for free and can be contacted on 0131 555 4010. SCOREscotland also provide support through their Green Futures project and can visit you in your home to give free energy advice. They can be contacted on 0131 442 2341.

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