CommuniTea supported by WHCT

The Wester Hailes Community Trust presented their latest award today to Grass Roots Remedies for an exciting new project that will see herbal medicine grown and used by local people.

The £7,500 will be used by Grass Roots Remedies to run the CommuniTea project which aims to work with local people to grow and forage medicinal herbs around Wester Hailes and turning them into herbal teas for all. While harvesting and processing herbs the group will provide educational information about how to use the plants safely and with confidence.

Grass Roots Remedies is an Edinburgh based herbal medicine co-operative. There work in Wester Hailes includes running the low cost Wester Hailes Community Clinic situated in the Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre and facilitating seasonal medicine making and foraging workshops out of the Willow Garden along the Union canal.

For more information about the Wester Hailes Community Trust visit their website here.

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