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Community reporter Sindy Santos has been getting all the juicy information from Morvern Odling, creator of the Mobile Community Kitchen a purpose built bike kitchen putting a healthy twist on the ice-cream bike and the upcoming Book of Foraged Memories Workshop.

The workshop, organised by Edinburgh Tool Library, Fork In The Road and Grass Roots Remedies will take place this Friday 5 October 2018 2.00pm – 6.00 pm at Calders Community Garden by the Union Canal.

The workshop invites people to help create a “Book of Foraged Memories” by share a short recipe, recollection or story with an illustration, with art activities for the family and a community meal provided.

Isn’t that just wonderful? I said to myself the first time I saw the bike in action a few weeks ago at Westside Plaza where different organisations such as Score Scotland, Community Herbalists and Tasting Change were celebrating a community event.

Mo was offering fruit and marshmallow kebabs topped with popcorn or chocolate. Children and adults were delighted.

I even allowed myself to make a wee poem about it:

“It called my attention, the kitchen on wheels, the girl with a smile and her patience, the endless supplies. The clean and neat kitchen, the whole design, so simple and worth it.”

The kitchen was used to make a tasty Greek salad for Calder’s Day and pancakes last Saturday at Whale Arts whilst we were enjoying a fun filled day for the whole family at Explorathon.

This Friday all are welcome to celebrate and use the kitchen at the Calders Community Garden, Union Canal EH11 4NE from 2.00pm to 6.00pm. You can see it, feel and touch it! Along with a delicious meal, everyone is invited to write a short recipe, recollection or story, along with an illustration to submit to the Book of Foraged Memories. Food and materials are provided.

After having seen the unique invention in action around South West Edinburgh, I didn’t hesitate in asking all about it and who runs it. It was a pleasure to meet Mo.

Morvern Odling is the artist who designed and built the mobile bike trailer kitchen unit using it for markets and cooking for the community in Madrid and Scotland.

Fork In The Road is a creative research project exploring the relationships between community and food. They are reimagining where kitchens can be found in Edinburgh.

These mobile units are towed by bicycles and will be turning up to different community spaces to engage people in their environment through meals, workshops and culinary bicycling adventures.

Working within the ideologies of the Edinburgh Tool Library and the open source community, these kitchens will be used by charities and community groups who want to share food together, but don’t have access to cooking facilities such as schools, events, and growing spaces. The aim of the project is to inspire people to reimagine the places called kitchens.

The kitchens on bikes are built to be extended and replicate. If you would like to get involved or discuss potential collaboration please do get in touch, contact Mo by emailing:,,

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Sindy Santos
October 2018

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