Celebrating 50 Years of Wester Hailes

SCOREscotland are excited to announce they will be holding a special event celebrating 50 years of Diversity in Wester Hailes on Saturday 19th October, 2019 from 11-3pm at WHALE Arts Centre. 

As part of celebrating 50 years of Wester Hailes, we are hosting an event to celebrate the diverse make up of the different communities that reside and work in Wester Hailes –  past and present.

We are hoping to build momentum to the event by encouraging the public to share old photos, stories and memories so please join in on the conversation on social media with the following hashtags:


If social media isn’t your cup of tea – then don’t worry, bring your old photos on the day and we can make a digital copy of them! We will also have a display of photos from over the years – come and see if you can recognise some familiar faces.

We will be making a short film on the day and are looking for people to share their stories, quotes, experiences of living/working in Wester Hailes.  Perhaps you worked in the area many years ago?  What’s changed, what’s not? Or perhaps you helped organise a  community event years ago and have some old photos of it lying around?  Maybe you took part in the Wester Hailes Fun Run when you were younger?  Help us share your stories about Wester Hailes – the good and the bad!

The event is supported by the Wester Hailes Community Trust. For more information contact 0131 442 2341 or shasta@scorescotland.org.uk.

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