Police Consult on Use of Body Cams

Police Scotland are carrying out an online consultation asking the public for their views on the use of Body Worn Video by police officers when interacting with the public. 

The reasons for using Body Worn Video by police to record interactions with the public include:

  • improve the quality of interactions with the public;
  • reduce and resolve complaints;
  • increase officer safety;
  • reduce delays to justice; and
  • lead to greater public transparency.

This survey is the second of its kind. The first survey was undertaken in February 2021 to inform the introduction of Body Worn Video for armed police officers. More information, including a summary of the feedback received, can be found on Police Scotland’s Engagement Hub.

This survey forms part of a 12-week public consultation to enable a conversation on the national roll-out of Body Worn Video to all operational police officers, staff and special constables in Scotland, as funding will allow.

The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

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