Women Walking Interviews on Wester Hailes Design

May East, a researcher from the University of Dundee, is seeking Women from Wester Hailes to discuss how the area would look if it was designed by women.

The aim of May’s research is to investigate how cities of the present and the future would look like if designed by women. She is interviewing 50 women from Portobello and 50 from Wester Hailes- 100 total from Edinburgh. She is doing the same process in Perth and in Glasgow.

Information from her website:

Walking as a Method- What is It?

Waking as a method in this urban research is defined as a reflective project of wandering, strolling, stopping, promenading, observing or trekking to investigate the role of women in shaping and being shaped by the urban environment. Women’s views as experts of their neighbourhoods will be captured through a GPS app and a questionnaire, while creating a ‘trialogue’ between the participant, the researcher and the place they traverse.

The walking interview is participant driven; that is, each woman selects the geographical location and the route related to the topics being investigated and the length of time for the interview. The framework for the spatial conversation triangulates parameters of sense of place, green spaces, safety and active travel.

Walking Interview Principles

The Walking Interview has Three Principles and One Golden Rule.

The Three Principles state:

1. Women participants are the expert guides choosing the route they want;

2. Whenever the walk starts is the right time;

3. When it’s over, it’s over.

The Golden Rule:

Taking part in this interview is voluntary. Choosing not to take part will not disadvantage you in any way. You have the right and freedom to withdraw from the walk at any time without explanation.

For more information or to sign up for one of the Walking Interviews contact May East at meast@dundee.ac.uk.

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One comment on “Women Walking Interviews on Wester Hailes Design
  1. I would concentrate on the safety aspect of walking/cycling/running alone in Wester Hailes. I have 1st hand experience that it is not safe. I’m happy to be interviewed.

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