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Prospect Community Housing has announced the dates for their February Walkabouts with Housing and Property staff out and about to have a look for any issues and to answer queries.

If you’re a Prospect tenant, please join us and give us your views about our services.

Wednesday 1st February 2.30PM-3.30PM

Barn Park Crescent
Thursday 2nd February 2.30PM- 4.00PM

Dumbeg Park
Thursday 2nd February 2.30PM-4.00PM

Morvenside Close
Thursday 2nd February 2.30PM-4.00PM

Clovenstone Park, Drive and Gardens (Starting at No 12 Clovenstone Park)
Wednesday 8th February 11.00AM-12.30PM

Westburn Village and Morvenside (Starting at Prospect’s office)
Monday 20th February 10.00AM-11.30AM

If you can’t get along to your street’s walkabout but you want to let Prospect know about local issues or your views, you can also use Prospect’s website to get in touch. You can email them via their contact form or you can use your Prospect Account to log your query/ comment. Or you can phone 0131 458 5480.

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