Wester Hailes Community Council AGM 14 May 2014

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The Wester Hailes Community Council are holding their AGM this week at Wester Hailes Library.

This is the agenda for the meeting :-


Wester Hailes Community Council 

Annual General Meeting


Wednesday 14th May 2014, 6.00-7.45pm

Wester Hailes Library





  1. Welcome & Apologies
  2. Previous AGM minutes-29th May 2013 & matters arising
  3. Chair’s report
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. Community Council Committee
  6. Harvester’s Way Housing development update- Val Leslie

7. Police report

8. A.O.C.B.


Agenda is subject to change from the Chair and Senior Officials



Date of the next meeting- Wednesday 25th June 2014, 6.00-7.45pm, Wester Hailes Library


This is a copy of the minutes from the 2013 AGM

Wester Hailes Community Council

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

29th May 2014, Wester Hailes Library
Present: John Aitchison
Kasia Banaszewska-Diaz
Anne Denholm
Lyn Bryan
Ivor Brown
Serge Cornu
Renata Olszewska

Attendance: Colin Cooper
Cllr Ricky Henderson
Cllr Bill Henderson
Caroline Richards
Eoghan Howard
Rik Morley
Eunice Main
Marcus Berkeley
Martin Ringland
Matt Brown
Dick Li
PC Dereck Brown
Martin Salkeld
Lindsay Ashford
David Jacobs
Vicky Dale

Apologies:   Cllr Cathy Fullerton
Cllr Dominic Heslop
Cllr Denis Dixon
Maud Wylie
Sammy Lowrie
Caroline McKinna
Tracey Lee
Keith Noble


  1. Welcome and apologies

Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. The attendance and apologies were noted as above.

  1. Previous minutes and matters arising

Minutes from the meeting held on 16th May 2012 were approved.

  1. Police report

Main issues in our area:

  • issues related to the use of alcohol;
  • parking and speeding in the school area;
  • knife carrying crime
  1. Chair’s report- John Aitchison

Chair welcomed everyone and thanked for coming to the meeting. He especially thanked our local councillors and our MSP who are making effort to attend our meetings. John also thanked Colin Cooper and Eoghan Howard who helped a lot with local developments and Renata Olszewska who prepared the WHCC Newsletter.


There has been few positive initiative and projects happening in our area:

  • the Healthy Living Centre and Underpass
  • a new developer for the Harvesters Way housing development- Places for People
  • the environmental projects- Wester Hailes Edible Estates
  • a new place for the Dove Centre- the Baptist Church
  • Digital Sentinel
  • the Fun Run- re-establish after many years

John would like to thank everyone who was involved or helped with those projects.

  1. Treasurer’s Report- Ivor Browne

Accounts for 2012/13 were checked and approved.

The balance for 29th May 2013 is £2,633.69.


  1. Guest Chair- Cllr Ricky Henderson

Cllr Henderson thanked everyone for coming and for allowing him to chair the meeting.

He pointed out that the transition from the Rep Councils to Community Councils was not easy, but he is happy to see the WHCC working. He is hoping it will be a strong voice for the area.

Colin Cooper thanked John and Ivor for their work.

Eoghan Howard suggested that if there is an interest in visiting the Healthy Living Centre before it is open to public, maybe we could get a chance to see it. Cllr Ricky Henderson offered to arrange it.

Ivor Browne pointed that the current committee is going to serve only until the community council election later in the year.

Cllr Bill Henderson and Cllr Ricky Henderson offered to take up the public transport connection with the Healthy Living Centre issue and consult it with Lothian Buses.

  1. The Community Council Committee

Office bearers:

Chair- John Aitchison
Vice Chair- Anne Denholm
Treasurer- Ivor Browne
Secretary: Kasia Banaszewska-Diaz

Other members:

Renata Olszewska
Lynn Bryan
Maud Wylie
Lindsey Ashford
Sammy Lowrie
Marcus Berkeley
Serge Cornu
Martin Ringland
Rik Morley
Vicky Dale
Martin Salkeld
Tracey Lee

  1. A.O.C.B.
  1. Helen Ogg and Gordon Muller from Juniper Green Community Council attended our meeting and seek help with the proposed housing development plans for the Curriemuir End Park. CEC is planning to build houses in the current park. It would affect the traffic in the area, schools and other services.
    They would like to keep this area as a green space for surrounding communities.
    There is a group of Curriemuirend Park Friends for those who would like to support them and get an updates. What they would like, is the support from the individual residents and local groups. The deadline for representations- 7th June 2013
  2. Anne Denholm attended the South West NP meeting, a Yearly Review for the partnership. Few main issues:
  • Sighthill development plans put on hold for the next 3 years;
  • Places for People presentation on the Harverste’s Way housing development;
  • David White from NHS mentioned that a South West Recovery Hub is planned for autumn. It is not decided yet where it is going to be based.
  1. Wester Hailes Fun Run- back again this year-Sunday 16th June. Caroline Richards mentioned that we will need more volunteers for the day if anyone is interested and able to help.





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