Scottish Book Week: Tips for reading with children


The Scottish Book Trust, as part of Book Week Scotland, have released five top tips for reading with children.

1.Let your child choose the book

At the library, ask your child to choose which books to borrow.  You can show them where different types of books are and how they are arranged, but let them make their own choice. And why not choose a book for yourself?

2.Chat about the book

Ask your child what they liked or did not like. Encourage them to think about what happened and why it happened in the story. Talk about the pictures. Why did they choose that book? They might ask you why you chose yours.

3.Read it out loud

Add your own voices – the sillier the better! Ask children to help you add sound effects and character voices when reading the story.

4.Enjoy it

Sharing books should be enjoyable for parents and children. With young children, try active books with voices and actions during play times and softer, quieter soothing stories before bed. Most importantly find out what book your child likes to share and when. Don’t keep going with a book that no-one’s enjoying. Choose another or try another time.

5.Avoid distractions

Try to minimise distractions so you can both focus on the book. Turn off the TV and the Radio, put your phone on silent, get cosy and comfy and enjoy this special time sharing a book together.

Click these links to find out more about whats happennig at Wester Hailes and Sighthill libraries.

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