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WH_HealthyLivingCentre 3The Healthy Living Centre and South West Neighbourhood Partnersip are looking to local groups and organisations to help create posters to promote the working as part of the Living Well Wester Hailes project which led to the Open Space event.

The winning posters will be shown in the Healthy Living Centre with the winners getting “prizes and fame”. If you would like more information or to enter the competition contact Peter Cairns on The closing date for the competition is the end of July 2015.

Wester Hailes/Southwest Poster Propaganda Competition

It’s been good fun coming to work this last year or two.

One of our shared pieces of work is making Southwest a ‘Great place to work’. This does not mean we are naïve about our corporate histories or the problems we face. It simply means we are serious about having a shared understanding of the challenges we face, the skills to deal with these challenges, and a connection to the colleagues and community we work for.

That seems eminently achievable to me.

To support our partnership working we are running a poster competition. We would like folk to design or suggest a propaganda poster to encourage us to keep working together, and to keep adopting a partnership approach when faced with any local community problems.

We will give prizes to the best efforts!

The competition is simply open to anyone with an interest in Wester Hailes/Southwest.

There are no real rules, other than the poster should be in reasonably good taste…

I append my rather rubbish effort as an example!

Some of the key agencies involved in our work are Wester Hailes Health Agency, WHALE, Prospect Housing, SCORE Scotland, and Wester Hailes Youth Agency along with local City of Edinburgh Council Services, and local NHS Community and Primary Care services (including GP Practices), so any tag line should try to be relevant to these agencies.

Closing Date is end July. The winning entries will be judged by the Healthy Living Centre  Art Committee.

Send your entries to either your team leaders or to me direct at (or via internal mail if an actual paper poster!).

Many Thanks & Good luck!

Peter Cairns

On behalf Southwest Steering Group

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