Kaleidoscope: Foxglove


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Foxglove on allotment’s edge
gracefully you stand
among the nettle tall and grand
your summer bells not to a breeze’s kiss
only a bee comes to visit
stumbling in and out of each enticing chamber.

I am a stranger on your ground
a clumsy giant
perhaps you know more than you think

No fox ever wore your silky finger gloves
for Aethelfled named you ‘folksglee’
after the Saxon fingerbells she tinkled
when dancing for her warlords
to charm them with peaceful feelings.


(Aethelfled: Queen of Mercia, the daughter of King Alfred the Great. Educator, town-builder, peacemaker, patron of books.)

If you would like to contribute anything to Kaleidoscope or want to know more about it then please get in touch at digitalsentinel@whalearts.co.uk or call Craig on 0131 458 3267. You can submit a story directly on our website.

Whale Writers Bank

This poem was taken from the WHALE writers bank which is located at reception in the WHALE Arts Centre. The bank is open to anyone who would like to submit a piece of creative writing or would like to read something written locally.

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