Competition Time: Iron Fist winner!

Iron Fist cover

The Digital Sentinel is happy to announce that the winner of our recent Iron Fist competition is Chantel Yates who will receive a signed copy of author Andy Briggs new book Iron Fist: The Inventory.

The competition invited to suggest what weird and wonderful contraption they would create if they were allowed to create anything. Chantel suggested anĀ ingenious device which would scan whatever paper you were using then change to make the writing tool you need, for example it would be a pen for writing, a pencil for drawing and change colours when colouring in. As people who are always carrying our trusty reporter notebooks, we think its a great idea!

We would like to offer Chantel our congratulations and thank everyone who entered the competition. There were a lot of great entries and we loved reading them!

Thanks again to Andy who agreed to the competition during his visit to WHEC earlier in the year. You can find out more about Andy on his website and twitter.

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