Demolition started on the old Health Centre

Demolition has started on the vacant Wester Hailes Health Centre located next to the Greenway and former Murrayburn Gate Social Work office.

The Health Centre was built in 1983 after pressure from the local community as before hand the closest GP’s office was Sighthill. Here is the front page of the Sentinel newspaper reporting the happy news.

The building has been standing vacant since the opening of the new Healthy Living Centre on 20 August 2013. Recently there has been community support for the demolition, with some residents raising the idea at the Wester Hailes Community Council, after local youths gained access to the building and concerns that it is a fire hazard as well as a source for vermin after rats were seen in the area.


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3 comments on “Demolition started on the old Health Centre
  1. The only reason it’s being demolished is because of the recent fire which had made the building unsafe, otherwise it would have sat empty for ages

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