Edinburgh Council Budget Consultation

The City of Edinburgh Council would like to hear from you to find out what services have impacted upon you and what ones you would like them to prioritise, as well how you think the Council has handled the pandemic.

Here is some additional information from the Online consultation:

Our priorities

We deliver a vast range of services – more than 700! – to people who live and work in Edinburgh. This year alone, we will spend more than £1 billion on services and investing in our priorities.

We’ve committed to ending poverty and becoming a net zero carbon city by 2030, while improving the wellbeing of our whole city. Now, more than ever, we must hold on to these commitments.

The challenge

Responding to the pandemic has seen people pull together across communities. Council staff too continue to pull out all the stops to keep essential services going and support the most vulnerable through these unprecedented times.

But this all comes at cost – greater demand on services, higher costs of service delivery and a reduction in our income, through areas such as leisure and transport, has resulted in a £47.5m gap at least in our budget over the next three years.

So, once again, we’re faced with prioritising how we spend our budgets, rethinking how our services are designed and delivered – and where we can make savings.

The consultation launched on 12 November 2020 and will be open until 10 December 2020. You can take part online here.

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