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Clovenstone Houses

It is 25 years almost to the day since I came to live in Clovenstone.  I remember how scared I felt, I used to live in Dunfermline, so wasn’t used to the new environment I found myself in. I had been homeless and had been in a hostel, it was good to have achieved my tenancy, conditions in that hostel were grim, many people never reached my stage. I had a few issues, but I had a support network to help me get settled, but I was overwhelmed at the friendliness of the people in the area, I didn’t know where the shop was or the bus times to get into town.

I am seeing a similar thing happening these days, a lot of people new to the area from foreign countries, how do they cope, not even being able to speak the language??? I do my best to help if I can, I will never forget the help I received back then, and am eager to pay it forward. This is a great community to live in, yes, there are problems, but every area has problems??? This is a rather long story that I have cut short, it certainly wasn’t easy to get to this point, but I am proud of myself and the changes that I have gone through.

Submitted by Maureen Connolly

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