Prospect Painters hit Clovenstone

Clovenstone Houses

Prospect Community Housing have released an update on their website letting everyone know about the work currently underway in Clovenstone by the Prospect Maintenance Team.

The Prospect Maintenance Team have been busy in the winter months giving many of our internal stairs a fresh coat of paint. They’ve been doing a great job with front doors as well as the stairwells. Having got through several stairs in Westburn Middlefield, they’re now on to Clovenstone and have already completed 12-17 Clovenstone Park. They’re now planning to complete stairs 19, 35, and 38 in Clovenstone Drive over the next couple of weeks.

Tenants from the newly painted stairs have been really pleased with the results and appreciate being able to choose from a range of colours for their front doors.

The stair painting is part of our Planned Maintenance Programme. You can keep up to date with all our programme plans on our website on the Planned Maintenance page.

You can also follow Prospect on Twitter to keep up to date with all their latest news.

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