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We have had a review sent into us by one of our community reporters of the Indian Lounge restaurant on Rose Street. Have a look below to give it a read!

This small basement restaurant is a sort of up-market cafe-bar so it is not too intimidating – which I feel swankier places tend to be. It is located next door to the Social Bite which George Clooney visited recently. I enjoyed lunch at Indian Lounge with a crowd of folk from “Number Six” – both the food and the craic were epic I can assure you. We all sat at a long table Xmas Dinner style, otherwise the place was thinly populated with one or two business people having lunch. Although it is in a basement the place does not feel dungeon-like or claustrophobic because a Bollywood scenery designer has carefully painted the walls orange and hung a selection of Indian-themed prints as well as a display of big china elephants, tigers and Hindhu goddesses (including the six-armed Kali – Goddess of Death) on shelves in the over-the-top style we expect and love when at an Indian watering-hole. Clever subdued lighting creates a tropical evening vibe.

The Lunch menu is short – only 10 main dishes which is a good sign as it means they will be freshly made, not frozen meals that are microwaved. I asked for a glass of Lassi (a sort of fermented sour yoghurt drink which is refreshing) but it was not chilled enough for my taste – I like it very cold so next time I will request it is served in a bucket of ice, or just put some ice cubes in it. My starter was Garlic Mushrooms which comes with a selection tray of spicy dips which were freshly made and not stale. I chose Karia with lamb which was fantastic – along with a big chewy Chapati and rice. By this time I had finished my Lassi so the free jug of iced tap water was welcome. I find that a “Medium” curry is hot enough for me. I’m no expert but I felt that the ingredients were fresh, tasty and cleanly presented – not oily and greasy. Everything was piping hot and served on well-warmed plates (which restaurants usually fall down on). The Indian Lounge is a great port of call for lunch when out and about around Princes Street’s west end.

(Suggestion to the Chef – there was no soup on the menu, Mulligatawny would be most welcome.)

Review submitted by G.H

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