Seeds planting to begin at Clovenstone Garden

Edible Estates Clovenstone

Wester Hailes Edible Estates have released an update on their Facebook, detailing that seeds will be planted in Clovenstone Community Garden over the coming weeks.

Hi Clove growers, some of the seeds that have been sown in the shed are beginning to germinate whilst some need a little more time and warmth before they emerge and develop into seedlings. The next 6 weeks are a crucial period in the garden calendar as the rush is on to get things in the ground and started.

 If you haven’t been along to the garden or at least not for a while, then feel free to come along or come back. 

We have still to replace the code lock so if you are a bed-holder and would like a key to access the garden at anytime then Shona will have some spare ones with her.

You can keep up to date with all the great progress being made at the Clovenstone Community Garden and the Calders Green Shoots garden here.

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