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West Edinburgh Time Bank members got together yesterday over soup and sandwiches to organise some skill swaps and to look at plans for the future. The group recorded all the skills represented within the room as a celebration of the time bank’s strengths. From gardening and DIY to literacy support and IT assistance, there was a wide range of skills and abilities with everyone being able to identify at least one. The group also highlighted the importance of befriending with several members able to offer support in different ways.

After looking at individual skills, members then discussed their ideas for the future. It was agreed that although the time bank doesn’t have enough funding for staff at the moment, there are still plenty of ways members can work together to help each other and the wider community. It was also agreed to organise more social meetings and events so that time bank members have the chance to meet up and get to know each other.

Time banking is an easy way to help yourself through helping other people. When you help someone in the time bank, you earn a “time credit” that you can use when you need a bit of help yourself. The West Edinburgh Time Bank believes that everyone has a skill/ strength to offer and all skills are valued equally. If you are interested in knowing more please phone 0131 453 9400.

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