Clovenstone Primary Headteacher moving on

Clovenstone Primary School sign door

Carolyn Didcock, the headteacher of Clovenstone Primary School has announced that she will be leaving her position as headteacher, after accepting a position in the borders.

The following announcement is taken from the school’s Facebook page.

Dear Parents and Friends,

It is with very mixed feelings I am writing to tell you I will be leaving Clovenstone Primary as the Headteacher. I have accepted a Headteacher position in the Scottish Borders and plan to relocate there.

I have absolutely loved working here both as my time as a class teacher as well as Headteacher and will always consider the Clovenstone community as a special place.

It is expected that my job will be advertised after the October holidays and a new HT appointed before Christmas. I will keep you informed about the process as soon as I know.

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