Using your skills to make some money

WHALE Arts Mural

Ever been interested in arts, crafts or photography? Ever wanted to try your hand at using your skills to raise a little cash?

Whale Arts is interested in hearing from people who have in the past tried to use their skills to make money or who have even just wondered whether they could.

We are now working with several people just like this. People in work wondering whether they could try something new, parents who have more time on their hands now that their kids are older and some people unable to find work in the current economic climate.

We are keen to speak to you if any of this strikes a chord. We would love to hear about what your idea – no matter how small, grand or simply ’off the wall’ it might be.

Drop-in to see us for a cup of a tea and a chat. Ask for David, phone us on 0131 458 3267 or email

And if you decide after chatting you want to give your idea a go – we actually have a lot of support we might be able to offer you.

Submitted by David Henderson

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