Arts, craft and enterprise at WHALE

It might surprise you to know but the Whale Arts Centre is home to a business incubator called the Whale-Pod.
We are keen to support anyone in the community with an interest in arts and crafts and who might have an interest in generating their own income – now or in the future – from their skills and talent. There is lots of advice and support we can give.
There are four people currently using the Whale-Pod including two crafters, a musician and a theatre company. All are at different stages but we are working with each of them to help them get their idea off the ground.
It doesn’t matter how developed your idea is – how big or small – we would love to hear about it.
We would be happy to come and see you and talk to you or any groups you are involved with who might be interested. If you want any more information contact David at Whale Arts on 0131 458 3267.
Story submitted by David Henderson
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