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Here is a review of new television series Jessica Jones submitted by Toni a local pupil at WHEC

Jessica Jones is a Neflix original series focusing on the life of the Marvel comics character of the same name. Jessica is a alcoholic and a Private Investigator who uses her powers-mainly her immense strength and super jump – to capture photos of people her clients pay her to track. We discover early on in the series that she has a traumatic past with a man called Kilgrave who has the ability to control the minds of the people he wants.

The series from what I’ve seen so far is really good and throughout the series it builds up to who Kilgrave is and how traumatic Jessica’s past actually is.

The plot of the series gives a view on those who have powers instead of focusing on the Avengers, who are mentioned a few times in the series. It is also shown that there are more people that have powers than the Avengers alone.

I like it because it has a strong female role, it has some funny parts which include her and a few other characters which she encounters in the series.

I also like that the villain of the series is very dark and sinister but also adds mystery as we don’t know much about him, but slowly as the episodes go on we begin to know more and more about him as a character and the role he plays.

The overall feel of the series is very dark instead of what is shown in the Marvel movies, it gives the side of what it is like for those in hiding and when people discover they have a power and they immediately associate them with the Avengers. We also get to see the negative views of the Avengers from those in the series and how they destroyed the city and killed people but they were only praised for saving the city.

Jessica Jones is rated 15. You can watch the whole first series of Jessica Jones on Netflix now.

Submitted by Toni

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