Edible Estates working with Clovenstone kids!

WHEE Edible Estates Clovenstone Community Garden

Wester Hailes Edible Estates has been working with local school Clovenstone primary helping the children get involved with planting food and get closer to nature.

The group recently released an update on their Facebook page detailing all the great things the children have been doing:

This Saturday the Clovie kids did some work in the garden. It was mild enough for us to be outside and the ground wasn’t frozen! We replanted our garlic plants from pots straight into the ground. Lots of excitement about how big the bulbs looked and how strong they smelled!

Arianna found a fabulous caterpillar hibernating in the soil and some of the Clovie kids decorated the outside porch. Soraya and one of our adult community gardeners weeded the school bed, no mean feat!! Which also means Clovenstone primary can start to put in their garlic, which is currently in pots and over the next 6 weeks, some broad beans, which P1 have planted. Our winter garden is looking good

P2 worked very hard and practised their listening and being patient skills. We talked about the native American Indians and how they used a ‘talking stick’. It was a very important part of all gatherings. It was used to ensure nobody talked over other members of the tribe. Whoever held the talking stick, was the only person allowed to talk. It helped them listen clearly to what was being said.

The children practiced listening, whilst they decorated their own talking stick. Everyone added one, chosen piece of decoration for the talking stick and while they attached it, everyone else had to stay silent. We all found it is quite hard to stay quiet and listen, but everybody tried really hard, so well done P2

They ended up with a very impressive talking stick and will use it in class for discussions.

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