Clovenstone residents WHALE wants you!

Clovenstone Houses

WHALE Arts are looking for volunteers who live in Clovenstone for a new Clovenstone photography project.

The project aims to celebrate the community in Clovenstone and will highlight some of the people who live in the area by putting together a gallery of portraits as well as a collection of their stories.

Last year we started a project called Westburn Village Voices, which showcased photographs by local photographer Raymond Keith and interviews by the Digital Sentinel. WHALE Arts, Prospect Community Housing and photographer Raymond Keith are hoping to carry out a similar project in Clovenstone, highlighting local people and sharing their stories. Would you like to be involved?

You can see the Westburn photos and listen to the interviews here.

There are two parts to the project a photo and an interview. Participants will have a short recorded chat with one of our reporters where they can share some of their stories, they will then get their portrait taken by a professional photographer, Raymond Keith.

If you are interested in becoming a participant contact Meghan on 0131 458 3267 or

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