Family Fitness at Sighthill Park

Do you struggle to find the time to exercise due to childcare issues? Do you find going to the gym boring? Maybe you just want to have fun and spend quality time with the kids? If that’s the case then this is for you! Join Audrey Duff and her kids in exercise that is challenging but fun for adults and children. We do piggy back races, wheelbarrow races, circuits, sprints, play lots of games, laugh (a lot) and get covered in mud!

Audrey’s aim is to get parents and children exercising together and to realise it doesn’t have to be boring, enjoying a healthier lifestyle choice and being good role models to your children.

The class is at at Sighthill Park every Sunday morning at 11.00am, £3 for an adult, and the first child under 14 is free. Any extra children are just £2. Teenagers are welcome to come along in pairs and cost £5. If you have any questions please contact Audrey via Facebook, Audrey Duff Fitness.

Submitted by Gillian Scougall


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