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A local resident was having some fun with word games during one our weekly IT drop-in sessions. He has sent them in to us to share the fun, have a look and give them a go!

English Tongue Twisters

 Round and round the radical road, the ragged rascal ran.

The Leith Police dismisseth us.

Red lorry, yellow lorry.

Peggy Babcock (repeated quickly several times)

French Tongue Twisters
(spoken quickly)

 Un chasseur sachant chasser ne chasse jamais sans son chien de chasse.
(A hunter, knowing how to hunt, never goes hunting without his hunting dog).

Si mon tonton tond ton tonton, ton tonton sera tondu.
(If my uncle sheared your uncle, your uncle will be shorn).

Tonton is a familiar pet name for Uncle as is Tatie for Aunt in French families.

Si six scies scie six cigares, six cent six scies scie six cent six cigares.
(If six saws saw six cigars, six hundred and six saws saw six hundred and six cigars).

Palindrome Word Games
(These words and expressions read the same forwards and backwards)

net level ten

so many dynamos


cigar toss it in a can it is so tragic


 Spring heeled Jack spreading mirth and laughter with language games (Joking Jack)

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