Edible Estates works with Clovenstone Kids

WHEE Edible Estates Clovenstone Community Garden

Wester Hailes Edible Estates has released an update on their Facebook page on their work with Clovenstone primary school pupils.

First day back with Clovenstone primary after the Easter break. April showers didnt put off primary 4.

We had a session on ‘seeds’. We looked at seeds as small as a grain of sand and as large as a marble. Everyone loved the shiny, French bean seed!

Also had a great chat about how our seeds are like new born babies and need care and nurture. This prompted a discussion about whether we should feed our seed milk!

Finished our session by planting pea seeds for the school bed. Great work primary 4.

You can find out more about Edible Estates projects and events on their Facebook page.

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