Edible Estates heads to the stables


Wester Hailes Edible Estates recently paid a visit to Ravelrig Riding stables letting Clovenstone children get up close with some real life horses.

A huge thank you to Ravelrig Riding stables. Clovie kids had such a great day visiting a working stable. The staff showed the 11 of us around and introduced us to some of the horses, the first time most of the children had seen a real horse.

It was fantastic watching the kids interact with such majestic animals. We learnt a lot and we may have 3 of our young people heading of to become volunteers at Ravelrig. On top of our visit, we walked about 3 miles, lots of puffing, but all the kids did the walk tired, but happy children at the end of our day. Thank you Ravelrig for such a lovely day.

You can follow more updates from Edible Estates and their partnership with Clovenstone Primary School on their Facebook here.

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