New Art Room Exhibition at Healthy Living Centre


A new Art Room exhibition, created by students at Wester Hailes Education Centre, has been unveiled at the Healthy Living Centre.

A colourful exhibition made by The Art Room students looking at shapes and inspired by an exhibition at the Fruit Market Gallery!

The work on display was made by a group from WHEC who visited the exhibition “Another Minimalism” made by a group of current generations artists. The exhibition examined the impact of Light and Space on artists working today.

The exhibition “Another Minimalism” used light, colour and video as their main mediums.

The Art Room students responded to the exhibition by creating window hangings and kaleidoscopes and produced their own video.

We hope you enjoy the wonderful creative work made by The Art Room students!

The Art Room provides therapeutic intervention for young people in the Wester Hailes Community, who work in small group sessions with Art Room trained Senior Practitioners.

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