Bulky item amnesty in Murrayburn

Murrayburn Green Sign

In view of the recent increase in fires in the Murrayburn area the City Of Edinburgh Council is offering residents the opportunity to dispose of rubbish and bulky items FOR FREE during an amnesty period.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service also endorse and welcome this opportunity and also urge people not to leave rubbish or other items in common stairwells. In the event of a fire, these discarded items can produce large amounts of toxic smoke and also impede access for emergency responders.

You can reduce the risk of fire for yourself and your neighbours by keeping common stairs clear and free from obstruction and making sure main doors are kept locked. Steps should be taken to ensure the door entry/intercom system is working.

SFRS would like to stress the importance of having a working smoke alarm. Every household should have working smoke alarm and test them every week.

They provide free home fire safety visits and fit smoke alarms where required. It is important that you know what to do if a fire does occur in the stairwell and how to keep safe. They can advise on this as part of the visit. If you or someone you know could benefit from a visit, please request a visit by calling the SFRS free phone number 0800 0731 999.

Environmental Wardens enforce legislation surrounding fly-tipping. This is the illegal deposit of any waste onto land i.e. waste dumped or tipped in a place with no licence to accept it (such as the pavement and stairwells). Waste includes: general domestic waste and large items such as refrigerators and mattresses.

Fly-tipping by individuals will be dealt with by S.33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Anyone fly-tipping waste is committing a serious offence, a Fixed Penalty Notice
(£200.00) will be issued to anyone identified as fly tipping.

The amnesty will commence on Wednesday 10 August across from 53 Murrayburn Park where cages for bulky items will be sited.

Locations and dates:

1Murrayburn Green 22 to 25 August 2016 9am to 4pm
Murrayburn Place 26 to 29 August 9am to 4pm

This will give you the opportunity, as a one off, to dispose of any unwanted household items, free of charge. This could include any items in stairwells, communal area such as back greens and rear stair entrances. Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will be in attendance to give advice and information on keeping our areas safe at various times throughout this period.

We appreciate your co-operation and we look forward to your continued support.

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3 comments on “Bulky item amnesty in Murrayburn
  1. If you leave bulky items outside, the council never arrive when they say they are. The recent spate of fires are caused by vandals who have nothing better to do to be honest

  2. Maybe if the council reintroduced the 1 free uplift a year then this sort of thing might not happen..im sick of seeing stuff dumped outside then the kids wrecking it and dragging it about the place and into playparks etc ..many people cant afford 26 quid for an uplift(even those of us who work full time to barely survive)

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