Wetland Haven in Hailes Quarry Park


If you’ve been in Hailes Quarry Park recently you may have noticed a couple of changes. Edinburgh and Lothian Greenspace Trust have created a new wetland area in the park. Using an area located in the middle of the park that has always had problems with flooding, they have developed what they hope will be a haven for wetland plants and wildlife. Volunteers helped with digging and planting, often in very muddy conditions! Using both plug plants and seeds, a variety of species were planted in the boggy land and standing water. The plants used will take time to establish and include ragged robin, yellow flag iris and meadow cranesbill. At a recent Hailes Quarry Park Steering Group meeting, members discussed the possibility of some signs to explain more about the plants and the contribution Hailes Quarry Park is making to bio-diversity in the local environment.

The park already supports a wide range of native trees including oak, rowan, alder, birch, willow, bird cherry, ash, hawthorn and holly. These in turn attract a variety of birds and other wildlife. The Hailes Quarry Park Steering Group meets quarterly and discusses current and future work taking place in the park as well as looking at activities and events to encourage use of the park. If you would be interested in being part of this group please contact Abby Boultbee on 0131 445 4025.

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