Local pupils taking part in Sleep Out Challenge

WHEC Wester Hailes Education Centre

Pupils from Wester Hailes Education Centre will be braving the cold tonight, Friday 25 November 2016, when they take part in the Rock Trust’s Sleep Out Challenge 2016.

An event just for young people, this year is the biggest yet – WHEC pupils will be joined with teams from Fettes, Newbattle High, Portobello Venturers, 2BHeardFife and Stewart’s Melville.

Why? The purpose of Sleep Out is to raise money and  awareness of the issues of youth homelessness and NOT to match the sense of danger, hopelessness and hunger which many young homeless people face.
What do I have to do? For just one night, swap your bed for a sleeping bag and experience a night’s sleep outside, on the street, in the heart of Edinburgh’s city centre.

The event has raised over £9,500 already, helping to support young people who are facing homelessness.

The Rock Trust works with between 400 and 500 young people every year. We have always believed that homelessness is more than rooflessness and that young people need to learn social and practical skills to be active participating members of their community and society.

They work with young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, this includes young people who are young single parents, do not have sufficient support systems, are leaving the care of the local authority or home, those involved in offending, alcohol or drug misuse.

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